We are a locally owned small business and we believe OUR PEOPLE make the difference. We pride ourselves in offering a great carwash experience starting with our clean facilities and friendly employees.

At our car wash, you stay in your vehicle, our employees will guide you in, prep your vehicle, and send you into the tunnel where your vehicle will be washed with a high quality mixture of low and high PH soaps followed by a powerful rinse and dry.

Once you leave the car wash tunnel, there will be additional employees to towel dry your vehicle. We see the value in a dry car and do it with a personal touch! After your car is towel-dried, you may use our vacuums to clean the interior. We have a minimum of 20 vacuum stalls at each of our locations for our customers to utilize so you can be in and out in minutes. We are thrilled to be a part of the Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Stockton communities and thank you for trusting us with your express carwash needs.

-Monty’s Express Carwash